The sure-fire way to get the best from Teams

Matt Kirby Oct 21 2019

The fastest growing application in Microsoft’s history

There’s been an incredible uptake of Microsoft Teams.  It is reported to be the fastest growing business app in Microsoft history*.   with 87 of the Fortune 100 using its core communications functionality every day.

Integrating productivity and collaboration elements of Teams can be complex

Microsoft calls Teams “The Hub for Teamwork”.

Having a single application containing all associated data and information makes life so much easier.

But when it comes to layering on the productivity and collaboration elements of Teams, it’s a different story. It should be straightforward to use Teams for enterprise-wide voice, meetings and collaboration.  After all, Microsoft creates the impression it’s a case of plug and play out of the Office 365 box of tricks.

The reality however is quite different.

Microsoft even refers to the complexities involved. They cite a lack of internal skills and resources, the nuances around ensuring a smooth transition, as well as layering on additional complexity.

The result?  Underwhelming outcomes and frustrated users who revert to tried and trusted methods of working, which in turn are slow, disjointed and inefficient. The exact opposite of what is intended.

If only it “just worked”

You could have:

  • A fully working Microsoft Voice deployment integrated with existing systems
  • The ability to run exceptional meetings – both remote and in person
  • A Contact Centre linked to existing infrastructure

But making your transition to Microsoft is complex. It requires specific skills and expertise.

You need to engage people who live, breathe and fully understand Microsoft. You’ll need poeple with a knowledge of existing systems that need to be integrated with any solution.

Make no mistake, the journey to a genuinely inter-connected Microsoft world of improved workplace productivity can be tough.

You can, of course, make that journey alone. But the chances are you’ll encounter many bumps in the road and will take a lot longer to reach your destination.

Or you can choose to work with a partner who knows the most direct route. That way you’ll get there on time.

About the author

Matt Kirby is Managing Director of Enablit – a collaboration practice with over 12 years’ experience of integrating, configuring and managing Microsoft voice, meetings and contact centre solutions within organisations.