Exceptional Meetings happen when people come together in a comfortable setting, designed to facilitate sharing, discussion & collaboration. Our role is to make it Simple. Immersive. Successful

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the issue

Meeting room technology is supposed to drive productivity and enable effective meetings.

Yet many meetings fail to achieve their objectives when they start late, go on too long or end up being aborted altogether due to poor quality or being over-complicated.

The result?  In future users will avoid using the technology provided and revert to less efficient, but safe alternatives such as audio conferencing or travelling in person to meetings.

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efficiency reigns

Enablit addresses these issues in three stages, we call EXCEPTIONAL MEETINGS.


We work on the client’s behalf to establish the type of meetings they wish to have, with who and what they want the outcomes to be.

Design and Delivery

Our teams create an environment which is simple to use, comfortable and conducive to the outcomes your users want.

Adoption and Compliance 

We ensure the meeting room assets are being used appropriately and ensure you get best value from the investment.

EXCEPTIONAL MEETINGS are always Beautifully Simple